It’s Time to Think Again

We’re so screwed up about money. We think that it will solve all our troubles—that if we just had more money we would have more freedom, more time, more peace, and more happiness in our lives. If we only had more.

For more than 22 years I have provided personal financial counseling to hundreds of people who earn adequate income. Yet they come in to my office with the feeling that no matter what they do, they never have enough.

Perhaps you feel this way. You work hard trying to provide for your family or to improve your lifestyle, and what you get in return is chronic burnout, perpetual stress, and the feeling that you will never get ahead. However, there is nothing wrong with you and you are not alone. Millions of people share this problem.

In this blog I will reveal the 21 myths that people have about money. These perceptions drive most of our lifestyle decisions—often in the wrong direction.

This won’t be a blog about how to become a millionaire or how to act like one when you aren’t. I won’t write about the nuts and bolts of investing. I will show you how much more prosperous you can become using what you already have. My goal is to transform your relationship with money so that it can become a friendlier presence in your life.

In this blog I will offer practical advice for dealing with the day-to-day realities of money and overcoming the frustrations that stem from financial problems. It will be a guide for getting what you want now, while still providing for your future needs.

What if you could have more financial contentment in your life right now, without having to earn any more money than you do currently? What if you could achieve your financial goals without having to suffer deprivation?

It’s easier than you think.  Are you ready to get started?  Tune in next week!

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