Myth #21: I Will Be Satisfied Later (part 3)

Marsha is a client of mine. She’s fifty-seven. She has worked for an airline for nearly thirty years as a flight attendant. She is one of the most vital and dynamic women I have ever known. When she came to see me, we talked about her airline’s stock plan and her portfolio. I asked her, “How much longer are you going to work?”

“Well,” she said, “The union is renegotiating and if I stick it out until the next contract is signed, my retirement will probably be better.”

“What do you want to do after you retire?” I asked. “What are you going to do with all your extra time?”

“Oh, no problem!” She jumped out of her chair completely animated. “I am going to be an actor!”

“You are?”

“Yeah, I’m taking acting classes. I’m learning how to put on make-up and how to analyze a script and take on a role. I have a diction coach, and I am learning how to project my voice and to utilize my whole body in the acting process.”

“Marsha, that’s great!” I said.

“I have an agent now. Maybe I can do some modeling too. I think I might do okay with it.”

In addition to her talent, Marsha is a very striking woman with gorgeous gray hair. She looks beautiful, younger than her age. She has found herself as an actress in high demand.

I have seen her from time to time over the years. The last time she came in, she told me that she was getting so many calls to audition for commercials that she had decided she didn’t have time to do her airline job any more. She now does acting and modeling exclusively.

She could have stayed at her old job, but for thirty years she had repeated the same line, “You want decaf or regular?” and she couldn’t say it any more. She found a way to be more satisfied now by making some movement toward a passionate area in her life.

Are there things you can do to be more satisfied now? Step back from your life and reflect on it a bit. Ask yourself where it is taking you and why. Challenge some of the underlying belief systems that have propelled your life to where it is.

How can you be more satisfied in your life now? More money is not the answer. But if you allow yourself to be more satisfied by what you already have and use what you have more consciously, you will find more happiness than money can ever buy.

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