How To Create Your Own Personal Spending Plan

By dispelling the money myths, I hope I’ve helped you see how you can respond to money more consciously. You now see that you have choices; you do not have to react as you have in the past. You have permission to break the rules, to think about money in a way that is different than the norm.

This blog series is for those who want to take this process a step further. It is one thing to conceptually understand the need for change; it’s quite another to follow a plan that guides your financial life. In order to manifest such productive change, you need to develop a structure and implement it.

Each of us has dreams we want to see fulfilled. Using the three-step process provided in the following chapters, you can accomplish some of the things you would like to have happen in your life—things that, perhaps, you didn’t think were possible to achieve.

The first step of the process will show you how to gather facts about your personal spending habits and obligations. The second step will show you how to identify and determine your goals. The last step puts it all together into a Personal Spending Plan enabling you to accomplish your most important goals without deprivation.

Visit for more information on how to create your Personal Spending Plan.

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