Discovering Your New Money Message

Over the course of the past couple months, we thoroughly explored the power that one erroneous, defining decision—our money baggage—had on the development and expression of who we are and the life we created. How, gradually, that decision determined our actions, and those actions became the core reality around which our world shaped itself.

A new money message is the antidote to money baggage. It is the process of generating and activating a new language inside ourselves. It is a conscious infusion of the soul’s desire, a focal point in the form of a statement that we allow to guide our choices for the rest of our lives. It all begins with our thoughts, which become our words, and then our actions.

The words we think and say to ourselves influence our lives profoundly. Our world conforms to these words. One of my friend’s daughters who is somewhat gifted in math uses her words and thoughts in a way that strongly influences her life. When asked what her favorite subject is, she replies, “I love math. I’m really good at it.” This response helps cultivate an attitude of curiosity and self-confidence, eagerness, and self-assuredness with regard to math. She approaches her homework and tests with the confidence that she can figure it out. Her actions are consistent with her deepest self, and her world gradually shapes itself to those actions.

Compare this to the woman who, as a child, was also good at math but who didn’t study for a test and failed it. When her teacher made a comment about the test being one that should be easy to pass, the student started doubting her math abilities, and gradually decided she just wasn’t good at math. Now, as an adult, she doesn’t balance her checkbook, freezes when it comes to reviewing loan documents, and procrastinates on paying her bills—all because her money baggage says she’s not good at math.

Our money baggage is about the past, and yet it defines our present circumstances and attitudes about money; it speaks in the language of fear and contraction. It comes from a forgotten place in childhood and has lodged itself in our subconscious.

Our new money message is about the world we will create; it speaks in the language of love and expansion. It is formed consciously in adulthood and will transform our subconscious and ultimately our outer life. It expresses itself from our soul.

When we create our money message we are generating and activating a new language inside ourselves. Our new money message is a fresh centering point. It is the energy that will shape and empower the rest of our lives.

Just as we formed a decision about money early on and then lived our lives in alignment with that decision, we can now create a new decision, a new thought—this time more consciously—and align our lives with it. If we take actions consistent with this new thought—our money message—our lives will never be the same.

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