Money Message Principle #2: Listen to Your Soul

Listening to and trusting in our soul is the most important work we have to do on earth. We were not born onto the earthly plane and then cut off from the source of life and guidance. This guidance lives in us and around us. The difficulty is that we have been conditioned away from listening to and trusting that voice deep inside us, which is the voice of our soul.

We live in a noisy world. As soon as we get up in the morning we are bombarded with opinions, others’ versions of reality. They come from everywhere—the media, our spouses and families, our fellow workers.

Part of this noise is our money baggage playing over and over in our minds. When we come to the point of wanting to create a new thought to build our life around, listening is the key. Listen to your soul. Ask your soul what are its highest thoughts about money? What is it telling you to do? What is your purpose here? How can you fully express what you want to do with your life?

Oprah Winfrey modeled this process beautifully when, in a Newsweek article, “How I Got There,” she posed these questions: “How do I accelerate my humanity? How do I use who I am on earth for a purpose that’s bigger than myself? How do I align the energy of my soul with my personality and use my personality to serve my soul?”

Now comes the delicate part. You have to listen for the answer. You might hear a lot of silence at first, but that’s because we are not yet tuned in to this new frequency of information. Keep listening.

Ask your soul what its highest purpose is for you. Contemplate the power of money to help make the world a better and more loving place. As words or images or feelings begin to come, write them down. This will form the nucleus of your new money message. You might start seeing yourself in a new work environment doing the work you have always dreamed of doing. You might see yourself volunteering, running for political office, pursuing a career in the arts, or quitting your job altogether and staying home with the kids. The ideas you have or the images that come to you might seem unrealistic or unattainable, but don’t discount them. Write down the words that seem to fit what these images stimulate in you.

Keep in mind that the soul doesn’t wear a wristwatch. So if you don’t get an answer at first, don’t worry; it might come to you hours or days later. It might be an incremental understanding or a sudden inspiration. You might find yourself in a conversation with someone who stimulates thoughts about a new money message. You might walk into a bookstore and find yourself pulling a book off the shelf that has your answer in it. You might have a dream that will stimulate an idea about your money message.

The key to discovering your money message is simply to listen and let the words arise on their own. It may not feel natural at first, but trust the process. It may take a while for your soul to realize that you are listening to it.

I want to make the point that your money message is not the opposite of your money baggage. You might have as your money baggage, I am inadequate. I never measure up. To simply revise your money baggage to its opposite—I am adequate, I always measure up—and have this be your money message won’t work. Opposites just reinforce each other. You would be bringing up your money baggage and making it stronger by trying to push it away.

Another reason you don’t want your money message to just be the opposite of your money baggage is that it probably wouldn’t be big or expansive enough. It wouldn’t fully encompass all the possibilities that could inspire you to new action.

Also, try not to use any words in your money message that unwittingly remind you of your money baggage. For example, if your money baggage is Rich people are mean, and your money message is I will be rich and give my gift to the world, the word “rich” may be subconsciously reminding you of your money baggage and reinforcing it. In this example, a better word to use might be “wealthy.” Subtle, but that’s how the subconscious works.

Lastly, don’t use the words no, not, or never in your money message. Don’t let any filtering or criticism or belief in scarcity come into play. You want your money message to be positive, inspiring, and free of limitations. It will help you chart a course and take you places your money baggage never could.

Notice that some of these examples don’t even have the word money in them. That’s fine. Just keep asking your soul its grandest vision of the role of money in your life and write down the words that come to you. Take time to let yourself hear your new money message. What would you like to create your most ideal life around? Don’t limit yourself. Let the words come—they will come, without fail—and write them down. This will become your new money message.

Remember, the aim of creating your money message is not to become rich. It is to create a phrase or sentence that cares for your soul. Your soul is a deeper part of you, a part of you that is always there. It is like your best friend who has patiently waited all these years to have a conversation with you. By listening to what your soul is calling you to do, you have the power to transform your life. To live a life consistent with your deepest calling and passions. To have your relationship to money empower what matters most to you in

As one person who took my workshop said, “Your money baggage is a loud voice coming through the radio keeping you from hearing your soul speak to you. Your money message allows you to turn down the volume on your money baggage—and maybe even change the station.”

Next week, we uncover Money Message Principle #3: Take Actions Consistent With Your New Money Message.

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