Money Message Principle #14: Listen to Your Soul – Part Two.

I want to make the point that your money message is not the opposite of your money baggage. You might have as your money baggage, I am inadequate. I never measure up. To simply revise your money baggage to its opposite—I am adequate, I always measure
up—and have this be your money message won’t work. Opposites just reinforce each other. You would be bringing up your money baggage and making it stronger by trying to push it away.

Another reason you don’t want your money message to just be the opposite of your money baggage is that it probably wouldn’t be big or expansive enough. It wouldn’t fully encompass all the possibilities that could inspire you to new action.

Also, try not to use any words in your money message that unwittingly remind you of your money baggage. For example, if your money baggage is Rich people are mean, and your money message is I will be rich and give my gift to the world, the word “rich” may be
subconsciously reminding you of your money baggage and reinforcing it. In this example, a better word to use might be “wealthy.”  Subtle, but that’s how the subconscious works.

Lastly, don’t use the words no, not, or never in your money message.  Don’t let any filtering or criticism or belief in scarcity come into play. You want your money message to be positive, inspiring, and free of limitations. It will help you chart a course and take you
places your money baggage never could.

If someone else has a money message that speaks to you, by all means take it on as your own. Here is a sampling of other people’s money messages from the workshops I’ve led:

I’m powerful and abundance is mine.
I am the empress of my financial universe.
Money is the tool and I’m a master craftsman.
My knowledge will be generously rewarded and I deserve it.
Money is my friend.
I require much that I may give much; I demand more that I may give
more; I must have the best that I may give the best.
Success and family easily co-exist.
I can have it all. I deserve it totally.
Money is the natural by-product of my creative self-expression.
My money bouquet is so grand I’m challenged by what colors to
display and what ones to give away.
The all-inclusive universe is safe and helpful.
I’m the gift.
Money frees my spirit to dance and sing.
I love money and money loves me, and together we play and make
a difference.
The universe is an infinite, harmonious source of wisdom, wealth
and prosperity. I need only listen to my soul’s simple needs to
be one with creation.
Money everywhere is looking for me and when it finds me, it tells
its friends.

Notice that some of these examples don’t even have the word money in them. That’s fine. Just keep asking your soul its grandest vision of the role of money in your life and write down the words that come to you. Take time to let yourself hear your new money message. What would you like to create your most ideal life around? Don’t limit
yourself. Let the words come—they will come, without fail—and write them down. This will become your new money message.

Remember, the aim of creating your money message is not to become rich. It is to create a phrase or sentence that cares for your soul. Your soul is a deeper part of you, a part of you that is always there. It is like your best friend who has patiently waited all these
years to have a conversation with you. By listening to what your soul is calling you to do, you have the power to transform your life. To live a life consistent with your deepest calling and passions. To have your relationship to money empower what matters most to you in
the depths of your soul.

As one person who took the workshop said, “Your money baggage is a loud voice coming through the radio keeping you from hearing your soul speak to you. Your money message allows you to turn down the volume on your money baggage—and maybe even change the station.”  Take time now to write down or review your new money message.

Next time- Money Message Principle #15: Take Actions Consistent with Your New Money Message.

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