Money Message Principle #17 – Change Takes Time and Persistence.

In trying to transform our relationship to and experience with money, the most difficult hurdle we encounter is time. It can take some time to bring about changes in your life. To see the beneficial results from your money message at work, it is going to take persistence and patience. It may take a while for you to break your old habits and guide your mind to begin processing in a new way.

Thoughts are a chemical phenomenon that create neurological pathways in our brains. When we think a thought over and over we reinforce its pathway. By choosing a new thought again and again, like our new money message, we reinforce the pathways that will
lead to different thinking patterns.

This work is not about getting rid of the old pathways; in fact, some researchers believe that we can’t eliminate our “hard wiring,” the thoughts and beliefs about ourselves that we developed during our formative years. The old neurological pathways and reactions
will always be there. We can however, create new pathways by focusing on our money message and taking actions consistent with it. The more we do this, the stronger these new neurological pathways become. Eventually our old money baggage pathways begin to wither. We can consciously decide to empower and give our attention to something new in place of the habitual past.

The process of actually transforming your life can take time. When trying to remake your life around a new thought, backsliding is possible. Decades of thoughts and habits influence our behavior. Our old neurological pathways run deep.

But over time and with persistence, the neurological pathways formed by our new money message will run even deeper and lead us to a new empowered life.

We have all experienced trying to change our old behavior, only to have it creep back in over days or weeks. Behavioral changes don’t hold for long unless we alter the underlying or sponsoring thought that created the behavior in the first place, in this case replacing our
money baggage with our new money message.

If we continue to take consistent action in line with our new money message, our behavior changes and new possibilities appear.

Your life is not going to magically transform right away as you go through this process. You did a lot of work over many years imbedding behaviors and creating perceptions from your money baggage. Your new money message requires the same conviction and effort, but now with conscious intent.

Jacqueline, an interior designer, had money baggage that arose from her family’s belief in being honest poor folks, and from their feeling that money was bad. It was better to be poor and honest, they told her, than to have money and be tarnished by unspiritual
thoughts. This is how she describes the difference in living a life that was consistent with her money message instead of with her money baggage:

I came to a point in my life where all that old money baggage language needed to change. I realized that work and money are not bad. I am working to remove all the emotional charge from those old ideas. Something is emerging from the shadows, and it’s me. And I really like it.

This is the attitude we need to have to do this work. It is about the slow process of emerging and liking what we see. Little by little, we get there.

Our conscious mind is like a small rowboat on the surface of the great unconscious. We can row, row, row around but mostly we are subject to the currents and whims of the great force beneath us. In doing our soul’s work in relation to money, we must dive into the depths of our unconscious. We must also transform the size of our boat. Through consistent thinking and acting with our money message, we create a large and powerful ocean liner that can take us anywhere on the great sea we want to go.

Courage, patience, and persistence are required on this path. As we continue to deconstruct the habits of our old thoughts and consciously reinforce new ones, good things ultimately will come. We develop less and less resistance to the new thoughts and we begin to attract new situations, new ways of looking at the world, and new opportunities.

It will take some time and you might hit some bumps along the way. Forgive yourself and move on. Your new money message way of life will gradually materialize. Baby step after baby step, you will get to a place where your old money baggage way of life is just a
memory and a new life of possibilities is open before you.

Let’s return to the four main areas of life that we’ve covered and take a look at how people have brought about this transformation. Their examples show us how some have made profound changes in their relationships, work, finances, and family life by affirming their new money message and taking actions consistent with this new message.

Next time- Money Message Principle #18: Money Message and Relationships

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