Money Message Principle #22 – Continuing the Journey

Life does not often proceed in a straight line. On our journey to transform our relationship with money, we should not expect things to move in a strictly linear fashion. This is the nature of the work in making the subconscious conscious: it moves in a spiraling
and expanding manner as it transforms us. Other times it is halting, two steps forward and one step back. But these baby steps are always taking you higher and, paradoxically, further inward in a spiral of learning and experiencing. As your awareness grows and
you develop more inward harmony, so too will the details of your outer life tend toward harmony.

When we decide to explore our pain, denial, and confusion about money, we consciously engage in the Hero’s journey to find out who we are and why we are here. This nonlinear journey involves never-ending discovery and adventure.

The work of transforming our relationship to money will not happen accidentally. It won’t happen on its own. And it won’t happen unless you keep with it. It takes determination to keep your new money message alive. Your money baggage has influenced your life
for many years up to this point. It will never go away completely.

Stand firmly in the strength of your money message. The tendency for your resolve to weaken is only natural. Given that you can only think one thought at a time, eventually your money message thoughts will take over and replace your money baggage thinking if you remain conscious and determined.

Here are some simple exercises, ways for you to keep your money message vibrant and evolving in your life.

  • Post your money message where you will see it often:
  • On your refrigerator                               Next to the telephone
  • Next to the light switch                          On Your computer monitor
  • On your dashboard                               In your wallet or checkbook
  • On your bathroom mirror
  • Use an alert tone on your PDA or email program to remind you daily of your new money message.
  • Set up a weekly call with a pal to share stories of successes and failures in implementing your new money message.
  • Create a list and add evidence that your new money message is working.
  • Keep evolving your new money message. Periodically revisit it and see if you want to update it or revise it.
  • Make collages of your money baggage and your money message.  Collages tap into your powers of visualization, an extremely effective way to create the life you desire.

Making the collages can be an especially rewarding process.  Begin with your money baggage collage, and follow these steps:

  • Get a large piece of paper or poster board, at least 8.5×11. Write or type your money baggage statement at the top.
  • Get a bunch of magazines. You don’t have to have any specific type of magazine, just get a variety. Some good magazines to use include National Geographic; Newsweek; money and finance magazines; and architectural, travel, and cooking
  • Look through the magazines, cutting out images or pictures that communicate to you the essence of your money baggage. Find plenty of images; you should have more than enough to cover your entire sheet.
  • Arrange the images on the sheet. In arranging, let the images speak to you. You will know where to put them once you start playing with their placement.
  • Paste the images onto the sheet, letting the edges overlap to fill every bit of blank space.

Follow the same process for your money message collage, this time using pictures or images that communicate to you the essence of your new money message.

Have fun with this creative process. When an image speaks to you, cut it out. Don’t filter; don’t let your inner critic voice keep you from using an image. There are no right or wrong images. Your subconscious will speak to you; you just need to be willing to listen.

You can use words but only sparingly. Primarily you want to use images or pictures. You want someone to be able to look at your collages and get an idea of what your money baggage or money message is just by looking at it.

When you have completed both collages, stand back and look at the visual difference between the two. Note what emotions and thoughts arise when you look at your money baggage collage versus your money message collage. Discuss these observations with your friends and family, or write them down to review later.

Put your money message collage up where you will see it often and where it will serve as a strong visual reminder of your new money message. Use it to help inspire you and shape your life. The constant reminder of your vision and dreams, of where you are
headed, will help reinforce your intention to keep your actions consistent with your money message, and remind you to keep listening to your soul.

When you are done comparing the two collages, you may want to put your money baggage collage away, but in a place, perhaps a file drawer, where you can refer back to it later.

Here are a couple of examples of what people’s collages looked like after doing this exercise:

Judy’s money baggage: I have to work hard, I’m not supposed to want anything, and I don’t deserve anything anyway.

Judy’s money baggage collage: The images are almost all in black-and-white. There’s a woman at the top of an old decrepit ladder looking very scared; a heart with a piece
of barbed wire going through it; masses of people in front of a dollar sign; a woman exhausted with her head on her desk.

Judy’s money message: I have plenty, to live freely, and give freely.

Judy’s money message collage: I have a woman with a smile on her face with up-stretched arms that communicate “I love my life”; flowers; $1000 dollar bills; a family obviously in love; images of nature and the beach.

Sherry’s money baggage: I’m no good with money.

Sherry’s money baggage collage: Broken dishes; someone “pulling her hair out” while slumped over a checkbook; a thundercloud with a tornado; a stack of bills.

Sherry’s money message: I am an expert steward of all the abundance the universe provides me and I give back to the world in plentiful and creative ways.

Sherry’s money message collage: Image of earth from space; a meadow filled with flowers surrounded by a forest; hands palm up in front of a person as if they have
just given something to someone else; someone painting a picture.

You will find that the contrast between your two collages is sharp and distinct. The money baggage collage can be almost painful to look at. The money message collage conjures up a sense of peace, power, fun, and possibility. You may find you want to look at it and dream for a long time.

I have done workshops where people who have never done a collage in their life get totally immersed in the process. They surprise themselves and their spouses or partners by how creatively and perfectly the collages communicate their money baggage and their money message.

Allow yourself to be creative. Figure out what will work for you.  Do something fun every day that will remind you of your money message. Keep it alive, keep it alive, keep it alive . . .

Next week – Money Message Principle #23 – Translation: A Powerful Tool

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