Money Message Principle #23B – A Continuation of Translation: A Powerful Tool


Doing translations allows you to realign yourself with how you really want your life to be in specific areas. A translation can help not only with the small details of life but the large details as well. Anita and Oliver do translations regularly. Here’s a dramatic example of
how a translation exercise helped them sell their farm.

Looking through their money baggage lenses about selling the farm they wrote: Financial disaster is looming if the farm doesn’t sell.

They wanted to sell the farm but subdivide the property so they could keep the house they had been living in. They listed the farm and for two years had no offers. Their financial assets began to dwindle.

They decided to do a translation on selling the farm. From their money message lenses they came up with: We will find the perfect buyer and the perfect price, the perfect completion and the perfect relationship with the new owner.

Oliver: It was unbelievable! The day after this translation we got an offer and received six more offers in the next two months.

Anita: One of the offers was a very honest and quiet man who told us he wanted to operate the farm and respect it as if it was still ours.

Oliver: He gave us just the price we wanted. And miraculously, the provincial and municipal governments made three favorable rulings critical to the closing and the deal was done.

Anita: We, along with our realtor, were truly shocked at the speed at which it happened. And what’s more, the new buyer not only wanted us to stay in the house but he wanted to landscape our yard as a show property for his nursery business.

Along with doing translations whenever they feel moved to, Oliver and Anita keep their respective money messages strong in their lives on a daily basis. Oliver carries his money message in his wallet and also puts it up on his bathroom mirror.

When I am upset and can’t see any options regarding a situation I say to myself my money message: Money is energy and I am the sun. Immediately I stop being afraid. I ask myself, “Is the sun scared?”

My money message reminds me who I really am; how blessed I am with my health, my family, my friends; and that I have everything it takes to do what I set my mind to.
It literally and immediately alters the state I am in, as I allow myself to be the capable, creative person I know I am.

Once you have your new money message well in hand, and you make efforts to keep it in front of you, and begin to take baby steps and actions consistent with it, watch for those areas of life where you bump up against obstacles. Then sit down and do a translation
on that area. Figure out specific actions you can take to move in accord with this new translation.

You can do a translation on any area of your life: money, health, relationships, taking care of yourself, changing what you are worth, or finding a new home.

Translations are transformational. Given that you can only think one thought at a time, a translation reminds you to be conscious of which thoughts you are thinking, which thoughts are shaping your life. A translation triggers you to reorient your unconscious
thoughts and to consciously choose which thoughts you want to base your actions on.

As you start on your journey, let me review the seven basic steps in transforming your relationship to money:

  1. Discover and write your money baggage.
  2. Become aware of how your money baggage has shaped your life.
  3. Create a new money message.
  4. Take actions consistent with your new money message.
  5. Use translations in any area of your life that isn’t going as smoothly as you would like.
  6. Continue to take actions consistent with your new money message.
  7. Build on the results. Notice and collect evidence about how your new money message is influencing your life and keep at it.

And get ready for your life to change. Every time you take actions consistent with your money message, you are creating new neurological pathways to influence your life going forward—pathways that care for your soul.


Next week – Money Message Principle #24 – Caring For Your Soul

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