Money Message Principle #24 – Caring For Your Soul

Our lives are sacred. And since money affects everything in our lives, this work of discovering our money baggage and activating our new money message is sacred work. It comes from our soul. That is why the language of our new money message is so clear and simple.

When we listen to what our soul is saying through our new money message, it will lead us to the reason we are here, to our true work and purpose in life—as Jacob Needleman says, to “become what we are meant to be.”

Each of us has a unique gift to share with our community or world. A gift the world is longing for. This gift, when it is a true expression of the soul, inspires others, is a joy to give, and brings a sense of purpose and meaning to our life. I believe we each have a higher purpose, and that money is an access point by which we can discover or express our gift. When we give that gift to the world, we are caring for our soul.

Maybe your gift is being a great and noble friend. Maybe your gift is to be the artist you’ve always longed to be. Perhaps your purpose is to assist nonprofits in raising more money, or to teach kids how to sail.

Your gift might be to develop powerful new software that helps insurance companies better serve their customers. Maybe you are a great soccer coach and your gift is to inspire and teach kids teamwork. Maybe you see cooking as a high art and want to follow that, or you need to travel the planet and write about your adventures. Perhaps your gift is to be the best mom or dad or grandma or grandpa or sister or brother you can be. Or maybe you simply need to love and accept yourself and become truly who you are—this might be
your gift to the world. Others might be helped and inspired by your wisdom and energy.

Don’t feel that you have to invent the next miracle drug to heal some disease or save the planet (though many people who implement a new money message do actually find meaningful work helping others). The point of all of this is to find more peace of mind
around money and why you are here. Your new money message will guide you. It is a voice that can be trusted. It is coming from the same place everyone’s new money message comes from—the deep well of your soul. Listen.

If only everyone did what he or she really loved to do, what an incredible place this world would be. What if the people who really love to drive buses were bus drivers? You’d know it the moment you got on the bus. If everyone followed their heart—tried out for a play or started a nonprofit to help homeless women, or became an organic farmer, or a wooden boat builder—we’d be happier. We would do more good in the world because we would be more content; people would be inspired just by being around us.

What if we let our souls speak through us and then took actions to follow that voice? Our lives would be more purposeful and more helpful to others.

George Bernard Shaw wrote, in a letter dedicating his play Man and Superman, “This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one.” Also attributed to him are the words “I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole
community, and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can.”

When we create our new money message, we create pathways that are honest and authentic expressions of who we truly are. We will find that this truer self, this more expansive, more peaceful, more effective self has always been there, but it was masked inside our money baggage, suppressing our essence. The purpose of our money message is to give ourselves a new way to look at the world so we can fully express who we are in all areas of our lives.

As I have lived a life consistent with my money message, I’ve noticed how I look at life differently, and how my actions line up with this new way of looking. And I’ve found my soul’s calling—helping people heal their issues about money and give their unique gift to
the world. It is my vision to have money be a source of freedom, power, and full self-expression for every person on the planet.

I start with my family: I am conscious every day of what message about money I give to my children. I want them to see it as an empowering force in their lives, in every way. I personally strive to live each day in balance—personally, professionally, and spiritually.
For I know, deep down, in the depths of my heart, that we can all be at peace with money. We no longer have to suffer over it.

It can be a source of freedom and power in our lives. We can express who and what we were truly meant to be and money doesn’t have to stop us any longer. It is about creating a new life. Your new money message will naturally connect to all levels of your life, the
physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, because it is being directed from your soul.

We can build a vital new life around our money message. Our thoughts create our reality, as the words of Buddha Shakyamuni express: “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.” So, the practice is
to ensure that our thoughts are in line with our highest dreams for our life and our contribution to the world.

Our money baggage comes from a place where our heart has been hurt. We don’t realize that at first; we might resist the idea. I know many people who shrug off this idea that they are hurt, but every person I have seen go through the process of discovering their money baggage and who contemplates it deeply finds pain that is asking to be healed.

When our heart is hurt there are only certain ways we can respond to the universe. And the universe will respond to us in kind.  If we feel limited or of low self-worth or if we feel driven to achieve because we don’t feel loved, the universe will allow us to manifest only the conditions that support that belief.

We can heal our hearts. We can create a new money message and activate it. With healed hearts we can really make a difference in our lives and in the world.

Which inner voice will you listen to? Your old money baggage or your new money message? One of them is active within you right now. A thought has been behind the formation of every moment of your life. Your money baggage or new money message is forming your present reality right now. You can only think one thought at a time. You have a choice. Which will it be?

Look to your thoughts and let your new money message guide your actions. What are you passionate about? What difference might you make in your life and in the world? What is your soul calling you to do?

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