Money Message Principle #1: You Don’t Have to Reinvent the Wheel

You already know the process for transforming your life. The way you formed your money baggage and let it shape your life is the same way you’ll form a new money message and use it to create a new life—you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The difference is that in working with your new money message, the process is conscious rather than unconscious. If you take actions consistent with your new thought—your money message—your life will begin to conform to possibilities you never saw before.

A thought, consciously held and reinforced by repetition and conviction, is a potent thing. It’s the first part of the process of working with your new money message.

Norman Vincent Peale discusses the power of thought in his book Positive Imaging:
An image formed and held tenaciously in the conscious mind will pass presently, by a process of mental osmosis, into the unconscious mind. And when it is accepted firmly in the unconscious, the individual will strongly tend to have it, for then it has you. So powerful is the imaging effect on thought and performance that a long held visualization of an objective or goal can become determinative.

The next and even more important part of this process is to take actions consistent with our new money message. After creating our money message, the trick is to then apply it to our lives one step at a time. It is important to do this with the same level of conviction that we did with our money baggage, even when doubts arise. Recall that as children, and later as adults, we accepted our decisions about money as the Truth, capital T. We have to find that same level of belief and knowing for our money message to manifest and take full flower in our lives. To do so takes a kind of self-directed tenderness, an inward focus so that we become as impressionable to the messages of our soul as children are to the messages of adults.

The process begins with the creation of a new money message. Taking the time to find the right words will pay off. Ponder, revise, and fine-tune your new message until the message feels “just right.” It takes courage to reflect on your life, to revive old forgotten dreams, and to assess your adult values and hopes against a changing sense of self. But when you find your new money message you will know it—it will have a sense of rightness. It may be slightly scary, but will have a feeling of great potential and possibility.

Words alone will not bring the intended results, although they are a vital part of the process. Once you have found your new money message, the process continues by identifying what steps you can take to begin to recreate your life around this new way of thinking. Focusing on our new money message brings us out of the past and into the now. From a present unconstrained by the past, we can see a new future alive with possibilities. Once we begin to take actions in harmony with our new money message, this new future begins to manifest in the present.

The process is to move from thought to word to action the way you did with your money baggage, but this time with conscious intention aligned with your new money message. Then you begin to see the results of a life moving in accord with your soul’s calling.

See if you can articulate a money message for your life that comes from your soul. If you can’t find the right words yet, don’t worry. Your money message will come; just keep listening.

Tune in next week to discover Money Message Principal #2: Listen to Your Soul.

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